a time for this.

by amy on September 13, 2011


taking a long break.

not sure when i’ll be back.

but i’m sure i will be.



Untitled from amy fairweather on Vimeo.

the song is “The Promise” by Secret Garden

happy saturday xo


silhouette photographs.

by amy on August 18, 2011

me and luke today.

i love silhouette photographs.

i know these aren’t completely black, but i love them.

right now he is sitting at his play table, waiting so patiently for me to come and play all his puzzles with him.

he is dear.

have a lovely nite.




by amy on August 16, 2011

a couple  things.

firstly, this summer is going by way too fast. not just “oh dear, where did the time go? but - am i alone so i can wail about the fact that it’s almost over.

and secondly, there’s a fudge cake in my fridge that i want to devour like cookie monster. i haven’t devoured a cake in a while. & the last time i ate too much cake i felt very very gross. like i wanted to just smack my own face and pop myself with a pin. so i’m leaning towards no, but my house is small so the kitchen is always close no matter where i am.

the only thing i’m looking forward to this winter is the possibility of having a bun in the oven. no, i’m not becoming a baker.  i want another baby! already have the names. already have had one panic attack cuz i started thinking too much about what i went thru when i was pregnant with luke. and already stared out the window like Anne of Green Gables while reflecting on how different life will be once i have another.

so yes, i’m a giant nerd and yes, i am ready! although i asked luke if he wanted a baby brother or sister and he said “um, no thank you” ha. too cute.

hope your monday was as fun as a monday can be.




cute stuff.

by amy on August 12, 2011

pier one imports bird plate

chamberet mirrorjust stay little print by sarah jane studioscustom silhouettexo


random loveliness.

by amy on August 4, 2011



my first skirt.

by amy on August 1, 2011

me & my fabric. what can i say, this was a proud day!

my sweet helper. he spends a lot of time in his underwear while we're indoors.

hello, and welcome to my sewing class! (i know, so fake)


i took sewing when i was in the fourth grade. i made a quilt. thee end.

i took sewing when i went to college when i was 21. i made a dress. thee end.

i took sewing just this past may, and let the chapters go on! cuz guess what? i am hooked and i am not giving up this time. ok, don’t judge by the photos above. i was just wanting to document my first project and then luke wanted to play photographer so i started acting like a nerd, which i find quite enthralling. but the very next day, i sewed my first skirt. and now, i really do see sewing differently and want to continue SEW badly. hahahahaha! eh hem, sorry. but truly, i am very excited and can’t wait to sew my next skirt & then soon, my first dress. this is the beginning of one of my biggest dreams, to have my own clothing line.

it’s on! & yay!


ps i will post the skirt soon. it’s actually in the dryer right now. fingers crossed i don’t find a wadded ball of fabric and thread upon removal. i would wail.

pps i got my hello kitty sewing machine at overstock.com, the reviews all over were outstanding and yes, i do love the utter cuteness of it. i got my fabric from joann fabrics which is also where i took my sewing class for only 17.50, what a deal! 

ppps i got the tutorial to sew this skirt from here: sew skirt from scratch, pattern free!


home alone.

July 23, 2011

  we’ve been loving the beach this year!  we even went last wednesday when there was a heat index of 110. i had a few people tell us “don’t forget to drink water!” uh, gee, danks! sheer brilliance!  sorry don’t mean to poke fun at their relevant worry, oh wait, yes i do! it’s funny! […]

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here and there.

July 19, 2011

i’m all over the place. so many things to do! but i have been really enjoying myself and loving my car windows rolled down as my hair flies around like madness and the sun streams all over me, it’s a happy place. i sewed a skirt on sunday, from scratch. only had one small meltdown […]

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getting things done.

July 13, 2011

  trying to get things organized.  purging and tossing & sometimes doing karate kicks in between it all. not for any danger, just cuz i get annoyed and it releases steam. that’s my little “people” person in the photo above, i found her and decided she needed her picture taken after being with me for […]

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