life in the living room.

by amy on May 17, 2011


pretty bright living room

pink living room

i am so attracted to lively living rooms.

filled with character & color.

there must be fresh flowers (or fake ones when my pocket book is dry)

i love something about each of the living rooms above, not everything… but i could take away some inspiration from each for sure.

my favorite thing in the first picture is the dashes of bright colors, in the second picture it’s the light pink sofas – i would only have one and then make the other sofa a print, instead of the same solid pink & i also love the bookcases! what i would give for built in bookcases!¬† and in the third picture i adore the tufted couch, although i’d change the color to a sea green. i’ve daydreamed about finding a tufted item at a thrift store or garage sale. i imagine when i do i’ll say “this is like a day dream come true!” & the lady behind the counter will pretend she didn’t hear me & then i’ll pretend i didn’t say it.

the top two photos are from . if you love that type of style, you should take a looky. they have¬† great ideas, seemingly endless! i’ve subscribed to their magazine for a while now & i have yet to not love an issue.


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