weird photo.

by amy on June 23, 2011

this was last sunday. the day of luke’s carnival party.

i promise i wasn’t this lame during the party but i hit a wall around this photo.

obviously i was having “a moment” here.

and obviously it wasn’t a good one. AND i didn’t think my mom was going to snap the pic right when i was in the middle of it.

but you know what? i’m all about keeping it real (not too much, but on occasion) so here it is. a weird photo. a photo that shows me being a big baby about something.

i was annoyed with something. and then i felt spazzy. and then i felt frizzy. and then i didn’t want to take a picture.

something like that.

i swear, sometimes if i wasn’t me, i’d be pretending i didn’t know me.



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